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As we build up the Art department of Fried Crispy - please don't judge us. We are young, kind of talented (talented in a way a dog has the ability to aim his pee onto a fire hydrant talented) and have the heart of a large sabre toothed beast, but your critisms and hurtful comments can damage our small egos. So, be patient. This art area will fill and before you know it you will be laughing and pointing and scrunching up your nose in a confused, but cute, look, blowing countless hours that could have been used to learn a new language or take up sculpting. We hope you enjoy the pieces that are up. That is all

The art

Doom Cereal

If ID Software were to make cereal this would probably be the first cereal out.
Check out Doom Cereal


New piece done in Illustrator then colored in Photoshop
Check out Drunks


My Grinch that stole christmas. Piece done in Illustrator then colored in Photoshop
Check out Grinch


Sketch of a John Zombie. I expect this is what I'll look like when I'm dead
Check out the john zombie

Cleveland Steamer

Got a new comic up featuring the larger than life CR McGee. I hope to have future installments
Check out Cleveland Steamer

The Green Beret

If money could talk it would definitely be talking some smack. I'm sure old Ben and his friends would raise some H-E-double hockey sticks. What would Franklin Do?


Have you ever wondered what you would do if you found your significant other in the hot tube with your best friend. Unfortunately for these two love birds - the significant other showed up with a loaded weapon. >>View Cheater on Fried

Jelly Bean

This piece of ass was inspired by a blog by the hillarious and insightful Ms. Natasha Raye.. Her piece was much nicer than this piece of art - yet I was moved enough to draw this. >>View Jelly Bean the Junebug

Holy Smokes

A piece that conveys the true pain of hot dog making. I sure do love hot dogs, however the main subject of the piece is at odds with my hot dog loving addiction. This emotion coupled with dynamic actions of humanity stir up a sense of disbelief and shock. >>View Holy Smokes


This piece reminds me of POOP. >>View "TP"
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